Our shop in Greenwich is now closed. Message us through social media to place an order, or follow us for details of where we will be popping up next!

Our Story

Having had strict dietary requirements from a young age and learning about nutrition, I have only been disappointed every time I heard of a sugar free ice-cream that was actually infested with fructose or honey or other forms of carbs that would become glucose in the body – just as sugar would! Even low carb, high protein drinks and balls came with serious lies. Real Low sugar ice-creams and desserts existed, but were rare and overpriced – the taste was compromised but the craving and scarcity made them the most delicious option available!

With diabetes and obesity becoming the fastest growing health threats, stress and lifestyle causing more people to develop intolerances and requiring special diets; it only seemed natural to come up with something that those with special dietary requirements or health conscious individuals (or freaks!) like us can enjoy, without compromise and fits with the hectic city lifestyle. Yummzy!

We promise products that are:

  • Transparent; correct labelling of the product to allow you to make conscious and informed choices rather than mislead you into a false sense of security
  • Genuine; a true duty of care and desire to deliver a product that is fit for you
  • Accessible; to provide a range that caters to tastes and is comparable to the markets core brands.

Yummzy: The Low Carb Revolution